The Fast Forest Operations Coordinator is responsible for three key areas.

1.     Coordinating Fast Forest tree planting operations.

2.     Coordinating Gateman-Milloy Nursery operations.

3.     Generating tree sales and providing exceptional customer service.

Supervised by the Fast Forest Manager, the Operations Coordinator works closely with the Manager to coordinate the overall operation of Fast Forest.  They supervise Fast Forest Tree Spade Operators, Nursery Laborers, and Assistant Tree Spade Operators. Work together with several Gateman-Milloy departments on various tasks and projects and, corresponds with clients, potential clients, suppliers, and supporting business.

Work Performed

Coordinating Fast Forest tree planting operations:

  • Direct planting crews on various site
  • Schedule an efficient use of manpower
  • Provide training for all planting crews
  • Coordinate use and repair of trucks and equipment

Coordinating Gateman-Milloy Nursery operations:

  • Assign and oversee the daily tasks of nursery laborers
  • Design and implement an effective pest management program
  • Prune trees and manage their health to maximize their marketability
  • Coordinate use and repair of equipment
  • Maintaining an accurate tree inventory
  • Coordination of yearly new plantings
  • Coordination of tree sales including tree selection, basketing, maintenance and shipping

Generating tree sales and providing exceptional customer service:

  • Promoting Fast Forest through marketing and networking
  • Meeting with clients, providing consultations and quotations
  • Competition of various administrative tasks such as permit applications, arborist reports, and locate requests
  • Spring and fall fertilizing program sales and coordination
  • Job follow-up correspondence
  • Outsourcing of trees, equipment, and materials as required through various suppliers


Experience & Education

  • Postsecondary and/or ISA certification is preferred.
  • Must have a minimum of four years experience in the arboriculture industry.
  • A minimum of two years supervisory experience is preferred.

Skills Required

  • Strong knowledge of arboriculture, especially tree planting, identification, pruning, safe chainsaw operation and pest management
  • Must hold a DZ driver’s license with a clean abstract
  • Must be physically fit, capable of lifting in excess of 50 pounds
  • Must be willing and able to work outdoors in extreme weather conditions
  • Must be organized with a solid understanding of Microsoft Office
  • Must have strong leadership skills
  • Must have strong sales and customer service skills
  • Must be safety focused on all activities and have a good working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act