Infrastructure projects, land development and preparation of individual sites before and after construction of a building involve intricate and complex planning and implementation processes. Gateman Milloy has mastered these difficult projects using our diverse, multidisciplinary, highly skilled and professionally certified workforce. Customized fleets of heavy equipment and specialized vehicles provide the muscle to power through any sized job. Gateman Milloy has done it all — from bridge construction, roadways sewers and pump houses to surveying, storm water management, fine grading and hazardous materials clean up.

Developing sites to support new building construction is another facet of Gateman Milloy. Design and construction of irrigation systems, storm water management ponds, galleries and structures, sewer, water, gas and hydro lines; concrete sidewalks, curbs and ramps; patios, decks, fences, retaining walls; benches, bicycle racks, site lighting, exterior signage and asphalt paving are all part of our site works package. 

Our long resume of major civil projects and site development projects means that all our clients can expect a well orchestrated, well planned, well managed and expertly constructed building site. 

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