Perth County Emergency Services Facility

Perth County Emergency Services Facility

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The Emergency Management Services (EMS) facility headquarters was an exciting opportunity to provide space to meet the operational and administrative needs of Perth County Emergency Medical Service and the Perth County Emergency Management Department. Secondarily the building provides additional resources for the Corporation of the County of Perth through additional meeting and training spaces, offices and IT back up infrastructure. …

Challenger Motor Freight

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The Challenger Motor Freight project included the design-build of a new corporate office and maintenance facility incorporating three individual buildings and the development (completed grading and servicing) of the 50-acre site. This highly efficient, state-of-the-art facility was one of the first large non-governmental facilities to achieve LEED status in Canada. Corporate Head Office – 57,000 sq.ft. Fuel and Inspection Building …

Chinguacousy Park

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The major milestones of the project schedule were met, with tight timelines to meet the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund deadlines for this project. Gateman-Milloy’s staff were very knowledgeable, professional and provided excellent service throughout the project. Gateman-Milloy greatly contributed to the successful implementation of this highly complex project with unique architectural features and associated finishes. Jerry Guidarelli, P.Eng., RCDD BOS Project …