Grand River Flats

Gateman-Milloy was hired by Rockway Holdings Limited to construct this 361-lot subdivision development located in Kitchener by Fairway Road and Old Zeller Drive bordering the Grand River floodplain. Permits were acquired by the Owner and the first stage of development involving clearing and grubbing was completed before Gateman-Milloy took over development in stages 2 and 3. Stage 2 of this project involved the surface works to complete stages 1 & 2. Surface works included the installation of street signage, streetscaping, SWM pond landscaping, sidewalk construction, surface asphalt and construction of a community parkette. Stage 3 of this project involved the pre-grading of approximately 11 ha of land in preparation of a subdivision development. Pre-grading activities included the movement and stockpiling of 114,000 m3 of topsoil, cut/fill of approximately 65,000 m3 of material, and the construction of two temporary sediment control ponds to control overland drainage during construction of the development. The project also included the installation of site services including: water main, sanitary and storm sewers. The balance of the work included the placement and monitoring of silt fence and temporary erosion and sediment control measures,the placement of roadway granular, construction of curbs and base asphalt and the coordination of site utilities including lighting, hydro and gas. Stage 4 is currently underway.


Rockway Holdings Limited