LMI Canada/818 Victoria St. N


Gateman-Milloy Inc. was contracted to transform a 35 year old industrial facility into new modern offices. Our client trusted the capabilities of Gateman-Milloy to complete the transformation for an insurance broker tenant who was moving over 100 employees to this new facility. The brownfield renovation project involved the revitalization of nearly 32,000sqft of industrial space to commercial offices and included hazardous material abatement, full interior finishes demolition, exterior window, door and curtainwall replacements, other exterior building envelope upgrades, and full replacement of the main building heating and electrical systems to current energy-efficient standards. Maintaining and capitalizing on some of the unique existing industrial elements of the building, the completed project resulted in a modern, classy image, with high end finishes and trendy accents. Facilitating the design intents and budgets of both the landlord and tenant teams provided some challenges throughout the project, yet Gateman-Milloy was able to provide the functionality that was necessary for a successful office space, while delivering a finished space that reflected the vision of both owner and tenant.


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